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Drinking Quest: Journey into Draught


The newest Drinking Quest is here!

Journey into Draught is a soft reboot to the Drinking Quest series that is the perfect starting place for new fans but can also act as Drinking Quest 4 for existing fans.

Fight monsters, find treasure, you're on an adventure... but when your hero dies you must chug your drink in real life to continue!

Quests include:

Quest 1 - Meadheim: You'll fight all kinds of viking stereotypes, chase wild boars, find crappy loot and fight the dreaded METAL BEER! (12 Cards, All Unique)

Quest 2 - Cursed Wizards' Tower: In this quest you'll be adventuring through a tower full of cursed wizards who drink too much and rarely leave the tower. You'll steal a wizard's hat, have a 3 day hangover, fight a Beer Holder, drink Wizard's Wine and encounter a Sexy Cthulhu! (12 Cards, All Unique)

Quest 3 - Walkengaard: Some quests just have a lot of walking. Heroes rarely have jet skis or any cool modes of transportation. This quest both makes fun of AND celebrates the amount of walking that Sword & Sorcery heroes tend to do. You'll fight Obvious Trolls, Drink Wraiths, A Green Dragon and the Dwarves of Erobeer. (12 Cards, All Unique)

Quest 4 - Lords of Whiskeydeep: The main four quests are coming to an end and somehow our drunken heroes find themselves being lords of a ritzy harbour town! You'll visit a brothel, purchase real estate, fight a shark wearing a top hat and a monocle and buy your way out of sticky situations because now you're the 1%.  (12 Cards, All Unique)

Bonus Quest - Kega Man Returns: Fight 8 alcoholic robot bosses.. (12 Cards, All Unique)

Bonus Quest - Morning Tea: This one could be called SOBER QUEST. It sees a bunch of hungover heroes sitting around drinking tea the next morning. The players are meant to drink something like water or cold tea to sober up. Also all of this artwork is done with real tea stains! (12 Cards, All Unique)

It's party time!

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80 Unique Cards

3 Polyhedral Dice

Pad of Character Sheets

Rule Book

Plastic Coin Token

Oversized Shop Card

Cloth Map of Drinking Quest Universe

*Premium card & box stock with linen finish

**Site Exclusive: Free FOUR PAPER COASTERS featuring Chuglox, Daiquirin, Bartlebut and “Sloshed Man”



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