What does "Games for the Hardcore Casual" mean?
I make the kind of games I want to play. I consider myself a hardcore casual in that I LOVE games in a hardcore way but I'm pretty casual in that I just want to have fun while I'm playing them. I'm not an intense "rules lawyer" type person. I figure there are other people out there who are similar that might also want to play games like these.

How does a "Drinking RPG" work?

Like a typical Role Playing Game you have a character sheet, roll dice for saving throws, fight monsters, find treasure BUT when your character dies in the game you have to chug your drink in real life! It adds a real level of tension and excitement to the battles. Everything matters.

The battles are a series of one-on-one fights to the death. You either kill the monster earning coins and XP or your character dies and you must chug your drink! The cards act as the GM (So everyone can drink) and the heroes go through four themed quests in each game - each getting progressively difficult and more likely to drink. However as this is a light RPG and a light Drinking Game there is a one chug per quest maximum which prevents Drinking Quest from being a "Pass out in 10 minutes" kind of drinking game. Over the course of 2 or 3 hours, a typical game averages 2 - 4 chugs.

All of the Drinking Quest games are full games and not expansions. You don't need one to play the other and you can start with any game. However they all exist in the same kind of "Drunken Middle Earth" so there is a lot of fun story telling and humour that comes from that. There are a lot of layers of comedy that will keep the game funny through multiple playthroughs.

Whoever gets the most XP wins! Whoever loses had to chug the most so it's sort of like everybody wins.

There are other games that copied your idea...
We get this a lot, we're supportive of other games in the scene. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We're the first, the funniest and the most punk rock.

Do you ship to my country?
Yes, we ship Globally.

Is the site currency is US dollars?


How old do you have to be to play Drinking Quest?
If you want to play it while drinking then you should be legal drinking age. The humour is probably PG-13, it's suggestive but not raunchy. It also works well as a parody of drinking and RPG culture so drinking isn’t 100% necessary.

How long does shipping take?
USA and Canada takes 1 - 2 weeks. For the rest of the globe it could range from 2 - 6 weeks.

I would like the creator of the game to write as a guest for my online comic / sing a verse on my punk album / collaborate on some other comedy project.
I'm always excited to get these kinds of e-mails. I'll be having a pretty full plate with several projects on the go at once but send an email to JasonAnarchy@DrinkingQuest.com and maybe we can work together!