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Drinking Quest: Liquor Before Honor


Fight monsters, find treasure, you're on a sloppy adventure... but when your hero dies you must chug your drink in real life to continue!

A great stand-alone game or the followup to Journey into Draught!

Chuglox, Daiquirin, Bartlebut and Annoying Sidekick are back! But this time they're really out of shape from all the drinking!

Quests include:

  1. Rekt On Rum (Booze-filled pirate adventures)

  2. Hangover Bay (Ship wrecked because of the all the drinking)

  3. Sticky Thicket (This quest is all about BEES)

  4. Fizz Fang’s Freezer (A chilly dungeon crawl to defeat a foul dragon)

And bonus quests:

A) Hop Garden Rehab (A quest to drink water and sober up)

B) Bar Trek (Futuristic sci-fi parody)

*Premium card & box stock with linen finish

**Site Exclusive: Free VARIANT SLIPCOVER featuring the four heroes celebrating after defeating the monster on the regular cover


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