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HECK: A Tiny Card Game

20.00 25.00

Heck is a tiny bidding game where you bid tiny wooden snake eggs on tiny cards behind tiny DM screens.

Players are SNAKES who win the game by befriending the most CRITTERS.

Main artwork by Alex Cohen of Tiny Snek Comics

  • Featuring a Kickstarter bonus deck with cards from the following webcomics while supplies last:

  • Ice Cream Sandwich

  • Cyanide & Happiness

  • War and Peas

  • Hot Paper Comics

  • Good Bear Comics

  • Luyi Draws

  • Berkeley Mews

  • Eat My Paint

  • Bastard Comics

  • My Dad is Dracula

  • Dinosaur Comics

  • 4 AM Shower

  • False Knees

  • Cat’s Cafe

  • Buni

  • Moose Kleenex

  • Indoor Graveyard

*Preorder, shipped with first wave of Kickstarter orders. Estimated July / August 2019.

**Site Exclusive: Bonus Kickstarter cards while supplies last

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Tiny Snek Mock-Up View 1 RETOUCH.jpg